Founded in 1967 by Andreas Fyllakoudias after many struggles and hard work, a small carpentry company was set up in Agios Nicholas, Limassol. After handling the company alone for 18 long years his son Takis Fyllakoudias joined the company alongside his father.

Soon after in 1991, the company took a huge leap into business and opened up a new workshop near the industrial area of Limassol. This was the beginning of the company’s official recognition as ‘Fyllakoudias Ltd.’

In 1995, the company began to work in partnership with some of the leading banking companies in Cyprus, thus leading them to providing services throughout the entire island.

More over in 2008, ‘Fyllakoudias Ltd’ made a drastic change to their workshop by buying two state of the art machines, in order to keep up with the demanding needs of the profession.

A few years later in 2011, Andreas Fyllakoudias, the grandson of founder Andreas Fyllakoudias, also joined the family business after studying the profession in Greece and becoming a professional designer and technologist of wood and furniture.

The company to this day, remains true to its founder’s beliefs and continues to promote the highest standards of wood design.

Mission & Values.

The company’s mission is to ‘envision one’s ideas and create their future’ in order to suit their everyday needs. A longstanding value of the family’s company has always been that, a friendly approach and understanding for each and every customer is a must before delivering the product of their choice. Clients always come first and are ensured quality and customer satisfaction.